Banish Acne Scars Beauty Kit (Betterkin)



This is one of the most practical Luxury Beauty Kits for home use, for face and body. While occupying a small space, because it only has one handle and 2 replaceable massage heads, the quality cannot be better. It is very sturdy and easy to hold on your hand. The larger head is useful for improving the skin of the abdominal and thighs area, were stretch marks are more prominent, due to pregnancies and changes of weight.

The smaller head, is more suitable for the facial area. Due to its smaller size it will fit better on smaller areas of the face.

2 Interchangeable Roller heads


Both heads fit with the same handle and are interchangeable. You don’t need to carry two handles with you which would be too bulky in your handbag. It has a hard protective travel case and another little clear hard case for protecting the second head.

derma roller protetive cases for traveling




Full Derma Roller Kit with Package


When you travel, all the kit fits in the same big elegant gift box that will look great in your bathroom.

Full instructions are included. Registered & Protected NPT4-RP35-9AN2-VPBQ