How Does it Work

The Derma Roller Skin Therapy System is a cosmetic procedure done with a device that can be used at home, depending on the length of the microneedles and the skin condition. Different studies have shown that its efficiency exceeds treatments like dermabrasion or chemical peeling and is as effective as non-ablative treatments.
It provides and absolute Absorption of chemicals and substances that need to be applied on the skin for a variety of therapies.

The main advantages on using the QMD Dermaroller are:

The instrument performs the same function as other ablative dermatological instruments as lasers, and other methods based on the increased production of collagen, without damaging the skin.

It is as effective as lasers, IPL, Thermage and other treatments, but at a much lower and affordable price.

The Microneedling with the Derma Roller is excellent and is without low risk. The light stimulus given to the skin in a gentle mode provides a higher effectiveness than other invasive techniques.

Some treatments such as dermabrasion, chemical peeling or laser, removes the protective epidermis to force our body to regenerate a new tissue layer, but to expose the lower levels of the skin to dirt, dust, bacteria or polluted air is directly harming it.

Clinical characteristics of Dermarolling Therapy

– Procedures are totally versatile and adapted to every person and skin type.
– Applicable to a wide range of skin conditions: acne scars, surgical scars, sun damaged skin, wrinkles, hair loss. cellulitis and others.

Key points:

  • – Does not produce any negative side effects.
  • – High absorption of any chemical.
  • – It promotes collagen production by controlled mechanical stimulation of the dermis.
  • – Can be used on thin skin on the face, neck or body.
  • – Complete conservation epidermis during sessions.
  • – No skin discomfort and no pain during the procedure.
  • -There is no permanent damage to the skin, slight discomfort during the procedure