Questions asked by our customers on our Dermaroller 1.0-QMD + 540 Titanium Microneedles listed on Amazon:

  • Is your derma roller FDA approved?
    *QMD™-ROLLERS/QUALIZZI™ PRODUCTS LLC, IS AN FDA REGISTERED MEDICAL DEVICE FACILITY. Our Derma Roller 540 has been registered with the FDA and has been assigned a Medical Device Registration number.
  • I can’t really tell whether the derma roller is really working...
    QUESTION: Hi! I was thinking about leaving a review. I’m not unsatisfied, but I’m not really satisfied either. I can’t really tell whether the derma roller is really working as it is supposed to be working. It appears as though the roller may just be rolling against the skin…similar to if I took a boar bristle brush and pressed it against my skin in a rolling fashion. Is it really creating micro channels that will then self-heal with increased collagen for improved skin tone and improved scar tissue? After using it once, I’m skeptical. It is a cute little roller—just not sure that the hype is valid. Thanks! Debbie

    ANSWER: Dear Debbie, Microneedling is a treatment that has been scientifically demonstrated to work in many studies. The technique derives from other procedures the surgeons have been using from long ago for various treatments, specially concerning scarring. Best results are achieved after months of treatment. Don’t expect immediate results. In our reviews request we only ask about your opinion on the quality of the device, not on the treatment ifself. That is a different issue.

    That said, the best results with a derma roller treatment will be achieved if performed by a well trained cosmetician, as we advice in our description of the product and on the instructions included with the device. It is hard to perform yourself a procedure that you have not been trained for. That doesn’t mean you cannot learn how to do it. There are courses to learn how to do microneedling so if you have not been trained, it is very normal that you don’t feel comfortable with it. It is not an easy task for firs timers.

    Our suggestion is to get at least one time a treatment with a specialist in his office, and then you will know better how it goes.

    Soon we are going to release a booklet with litterature review on the microneedling and with some scientific studies, so that the persons who buy the devices, get to know a little bit more about the treatment. But we only sell a device for medical use, we are not “selling” the treatment. We consider that the results of a treatment cannot be judged if it is not performed by a well trained specialist, or if you are well trained yourself. When you buy the device, you already must know why are you buying it and if you are qualified or have enough skills to use it.

    We hope this answer will help you get the best out of your derma roller.

    You will soon receiv the booklet, which is not a training course, is just more information on the subject. In the meantime we suggest you go to our website and see the videos and read everything you find there. (dermarollerqmd.com)

    Take care.

  • What age does this work for?

    The Derma Roller works for any age, but please consult with your doctor first depending on your skin conditions, specially if you are under 18 years old. We dont recommend using it under 15 years old, but again, it depends on your doctor’s recommendation.

  • How often to use it?

    QUESTION:I just ordered this product, and I’m slightly nervous about it! I’m not worried about the pain as I have a number of tattoos 😉 I purchased it for acne scars I’ve had for years, rolling and pitting scarring…some shallow some quite deep. I’m looking forward to using it as all the great reviews. My question is: How often to use it. Some reviewers say they use a few times a week, others once a week, and some say once every few weeks. Can anyone suggest how often for what I want to use it for? Also, what is your face like after treatment? If I do it on a Friday night will I look okay for work Monday morning? I know everyone’s skin is different, I’m just curious about what to expect. Jen

    ANSWER: Dear Jen, We prefer you beeing nervous about using the Derma Roller than beeing careless. For what you say in your question it seems you have deep scars. Our advice is to consult a dermatologist or cosmetician specialized in microneedling, to take a look at your skin, and advice you best length of microneedles and waiting time in between sessions. They can also train you to use it, at least once, and then you can continue at home.
    That said, and making clear that what I am going to say here following, it is not a medical or specialist advice, on the litterature and studies performed with the dermaroller, it has been shown that between sessions you should leave you skin rest from 4 to 6 weeks. Normal healing after any kind of injury, takes around a month, so that is why you have to wait. YOu need to leave your skin to heal after the session (4 weaks minimum) then a week or 2 of rest, and then do another session.
    A few times a week it is not advisable on the 1.0mm long microneedles. Probably they heard to do several times a week from a 0.5mm needle lenght which hardly makes any effect on the skin.
    The face after treatment is red, and next day is red too as if you had been taking a sun bath.
    If you do the session on Friday night on Monday you should be a bit red, but nothing that prevents you to go to work.
    Of course it depends on how hard you used the device on your skin. If you are not careful and push too hard, you can even injure yourself. So please be careful. You don’t have to feel any pain during the procedure, it is not a tatoo!. If it hurts, STOP! you are doing it wrongly.
    Hope this helps, but please, a professional will give you better advice, so please consult with one.

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  • What is your face like after treatment?
     This is not a medical or expert’s advice, scientific studies performed with the derma roller, shows that between sessions you should leave you skin rest from at least 4 to 6 weeks. Normal healing after any kind of injury, takes around a month, so that is why you have to wait. You need to leave your skin to heal after the session (4 weaks minimum) then a week or 2 of rest, and then do another session.
  • Since I am 62 is not too late to start?
    No, we don’t think so, as this technique also helps smoothing wrinkles. But please if you have the chance is better so seek professional advice first. Then you can do at home until you get instructed by an specialist cosmetician or doctor.